Our Values

School Sansakars

At SSPS, Sansakars are centric towards the core of humanity and our goal is to have our students reflect these values in their persona and character throughout their lives.

What do they mean to our students:


I understand that people have different ideas, beliefs, social and economic backgrounds and I will always every individual without discriminating him/her on their religion, faith, caste, culture and creed. I will have a positive attitude and will cooperate, encourage and include others.


I understand that commitment towards nation, personal well being, family and moral duties and strive to become the best version of myself whom others can emulate.


I understand that integrity forms the foundation of strong unblemished character which motivates me to do highest quality of work in everything I do and stay honest and truthful in every situation of life.


I understand courage is the mental, physical and emotional and moral strength I will require to see through the challenges of our society and to stand for others and to do what is right, and to lead by example, and to adhere to higher standard of personal conduct.


I understand the importance of opening myself to experience and accommodate others’ opinions, views, perspective and feelings which promotes harmony and cooperation.